User Agreement

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate the terms of use regarding service related to the internet website provided by the Yonsei GLI (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

Article 2 (Revisions)
  • Yonsei GLI has the right to make revisions to this agreement based on reasonable cause or occurrence of unavoidable conditions. When a revision is made, notification of such revision and the revised agreement will be provided online to Service users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) through the Yonsei GLI Service screen and the revision will become effective as soon as such notification is given.
  • Users must regularly visit the Yonsei GLI Service page and check for agreement revisions. We are not responsible for any damage suffered by Users due to not being informed about agreement revisions.
Article 3 (Details of Service)
  • The Service offered by Yonsei GLI is as follows.
    • Posts and photos in the user room provided by Yonsei GLI
    • Other services as determined by Yonsei GLI
Article 4 (User Sign-up Procedure)

There is no separate sign-up procedure for the Service provided by Yonsei GLI, and the terms of use agreement and approval of using the Service are validated by using the Service without a separate confirmation procedure.

Article 5 (Personal Information Protection Responsibility)
  • When collecting User information, Yonsei GLI may collect a minimum amount of information provided by Users through website posts, phone calls, etc.
    • ID
    • Password
    • Name
    • Mobile Phone
    • E-mail
    • Date of Birth
    • Address
    • E-mail Address and Consent to Receive Newsletters
  • Yonsei GLI shall be responsible for all damages incurred by Users from using personal information of Users for purposes other than as stipulated in this agreement and providing it to third parties without User consent.
  • Users may view and modify or make a request to delete their information at any time, and upon receiving a request, Yonsei GLI shall take appropriate action including removing the relevant information.
  • Yonsei GLI shall make every effort to manage User information in accordance with the related laws.
Article 6 (Service Provider Responsibilities)
  • Unless there are special circumstances, Yonsei GLI must make the Service available for use on the start date requested by Users.
  • Unless there are unavoidable circumstances, Yonsei GLI will repair or restore without delay equipment disability or destruction in order to provide continuous and stable Service.
  • Yonsei GLI makes public notification of and obeys its privacy policy to protect personal information.
  • If an opinion or complaint presented by a member is objectively recognized to be reasonable, Yonsei GLI shall promptly deal with it through appropriate procedures. When it cannot be handled promptly, the member shall be notified of the reason for the delay and the schedule for handling it.
Article 7 (User Responsibility Regarding Service)
  • Users have the responsibility to properly manage the password used for postings and shall be responsible for any damages and disputes arising from loss of passwords for postings.
  • If aware of false personation or identity theft and alteration of postings by a third party, Users shall promptly report the situation to Yonsei GLI so that appropriate measures can be taken by the Service provider. If such a report is not made, relevant Users shall bear any resulting damage.
  • Users shall not infringe upon the various rights, including intellectual property rights, of Yonsei GLI and third parties or engage in actions that violate the provisions of Article 9.
Article 8 (Other User Responsibilities)
  • Users shall not engage in any of the following actions.
    • Using without prior approval part or all of the information obtained from Yonsei GLI for duplication, publication, broadcasting, musical recording or providing by any means such information to a third party. Relevant Users must make compensation if it is judged that Yonsei GLI has suffered damage from such actions.
    • Partaking in for-profit sales and commercial activities and inappropriate publicity activities without consent from Yonsei GLI. The results of such activities may be deleted without the prior consent of relevant Users.
    • Changing the service client program without special authorization from Yonsei GLI, or hacking the system, or arbitrarily changing part or all of the posted information.
    • Partaking in actions that infringe upon the various rights of or interfering with the business purposes of Yonsei GLI.
    • Partaking in actions that damage the credibility and the reputation of Yonsei GLI or a third party.
    • Posting information or materials such as pornography that violates socially accepted rules on the Service screen of Yonsei GLI
    • Any action by Users that infringes upon the provisions stipulated in this agreement and related laws.
Article 9 (Provision of Information)
  • Yonsei GLI may provide to members by email, post, SMS, telephone and other means various information that are considered needed for Service use.
  • Yonsei GLI may collect additional personal information from User postings, in accordance with the relevant law, for the purposes of Service improvement and introducing the Service to Users.
Article 10 (Management of Service)
  • The authority and responsibility of posting, changing and removing material on the bulletin board reside with the relevant authors of the material and Yonsei GLI.
  • The author of a given posting is responsible for maintaining (backup) the original and the copy of the posting as preparation for possible loss or damage.
  • User postings may be deleted without notice in cases where it is deemed that the provision of service is being obstructed by ill-intentioned or irrational action or Yonsei GLI is incurring damage.

This Agreement is effective as of June 1, 2009.